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What are Microfiber Cloths and How It Works?

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Cut up t-shirts, very old rags, dish towels, paper towels, and all other innovative Indian styled cleaning clothes used by us can clean, but they won’t make your stuff sparkle and shine. They will undoubtedly leave behind watermarks and streaks also scratches. You deserve the right tool to get your place cleaned and sparkled with our new microfiber and cleaning clothes. Learn how to care for your Velveto Cleaning products, or visit our FAQ page for some answers to common questions.


Microfiber, as the name, suggests that everything is microscopic! For instance, a single fibre in velveto microfiber cloth is almost three to four times finer than cotton and silk and a hundred times thinner than human hair. Every fibre is woven together to create a yarn, which is later woven into the clothing material to pick up the minutest dirt and dust particles. The thickness of the cloth is proportional to the quantity of yarn used during the weaving process. The more the thickness, the better it cleans! You may find some flimsy and light microfiber cloths on the market! Such clothes can never even come close to our quality and never clean like Our heavy, thick Velveto cleaning clothes!

How Microfiber Cloths Made?

Synthetic fibres like polyester, polyamide or polypropylenes used in the make-up of microfiber products. These clothes possess electrostatic energy. Surrounding dust and dirt are effectively picked up by these fibres. The force between one fibre and dirt is relatively low, but there are millions of fibres in each cloth. Thereby the capability of attracting dirt is highly increased. Hence microfiber static electricity is undoubtedly a good thing. Those microfiber products become excellent dust collectors by simple dry rubbing. Dusting becomes child’s play.

How Does It Work?

It’s simple. Microfiber cloths are made with strands that are smaller than some of the microorganisms, which can clean up 99% of bacteria in a single swipe. Microfiber cloths absorb dirt magically. They can hold ten times their weight in water. And here’s the ultimate bottom line -they don’t shed lint, so you won’t have to be worried about leaving dirt particles or remains behind. One single wipe-down is very much enough! The tiniest fibre of the cloth strands allows each cloth to pick up bacteria which is invisible to the naked eye. It’s widely known in the cleaning industry that good quality microfiber cloths can remove viruses and bacterias from the surfaces with just water, eliminating harsh or poisonous chemical substances.

Cleaning is very laborious and requires a lot of chemical substances that are expensive and harmful for you and the environment. But with Velvetos CLEANING CLOTH, you can clean the surfaces safely and effectively with just water. It has proven to reduce the time and energy required for cleaning and is environment friendly with rare or no use of chemicals. Order your Microfiber cloths Today!

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