Slate Gray Edgeless Microfiber Plush Buffing Cloth


The Slate Gray Microfiber Polishing Cloth is an extremely soft, plush, and gentle cloth that specifically for wax and polish removal. It has a soft touch that is extra gentle on sensitive clear coat finishes. Plus, the cloth has no edges, making accidental scratches virtually impossible. Use this cloth the next time you wax your vehicle and I promise you’ll never use anything else!

The Slate Gray Microfiber is made of densely plush microfiber. The Carbon Black Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth is a 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide, respectively. When microfiber was first developed, it was widely believed that a higher percentage of polyester was required to make an effective cleaning cloth. Now we know that the cleaning ability of the cloth is determined by its weave structure.

You will see how the structure of the Slate gray is different from other microfiber towels the first time you use it. These dense loops give the towel an uneven texture that is excellent at removing wax, polish and other sealants. These loops enable the cloth to grab wax and polish residue and completely remove it from the paint surface better than the average microfiber towel.

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  • Best Polishing Towel! Incredibly grip to remove waxes more easily Super plush polishing towel is specifically designed for wax and sealant removal
  • Best suited for drying wet surfaces or for use with Quick Details and water less washes
  • Double-sided multipurpose design, the layer of microfiber absorbs water quickly and the towel cloth layer wipes clean quickly
  • Save time, money and protect your paint by not having to go to the car wash. Premium quality material and border less design will not scratch your car paint
  • Ultra thin long pile non-abrasive microfiber cloths that will not scratch paints, coats or other surfaces, can be used for glass, mirrors, tiles, windows, cars, hands, Dishes, etc.


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Slate Gray Edgeless Microfiber Plush Buffing Cloth


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