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Thank you for choosing us and welcome to the family. I am a person who loves things to be neat and shiny. Every time I cleaned the surface using a normal cotton cloth, I was never satisfied with the way it came out. And it consumed a lot of my time. Usually, when you clean with a cloth on a  glass surface or any smooth shiny surface, it leaves its marks behind. Also, the most disturbing factor is, these clothes leaves behind the lint from the cloth which requires more hard work to get rid of it. And when I used water to clean along with cloth, the water was not completely absorbed by the cloth hence I had to wipe repeatedly to remove water content completely from the surface. This made it hard for me to clean things easily. So I had to find a solution.

After many experiments with different types of clothes, I came across microfiber clots, those cloths are highly water absorbent and perfect to clean things easily. So I thought why shouldn’t I share this wonderful product with others, which led to the establishment of Velveto. Our product will surely make your cleaning process a lot less hectic. It has a magical power to absorb the water completely from the surface which will make the surface neat and shining instantly. It will also take away all the dust and other substances from the surfaces with a single wipe. While using this product you don’t have to worry about the lint that is left behind after cleaning as it leaves a perfectly clear surface after wiping. All the cleaning cloths listed on the website are manufactured using Microfiber Cloths and I personally make sure that it matches with the classy look of your home.

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